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Toy Drumsets for kids bring smiles to children's faces. Drums are an exciting instrument to play, especially for those kids that are demonstrating a natural sense of rhythm. Enjoy our selection of kids toy drumsets.
Getting Started
Getting started with kids drumsets: Ok, you've decided that your little drummer boy (or girl) needs a drumset. What do you do next? Simply determine whether they will need a toy type of drumset (the little 3 piece ones), a scaled down pro model kids drumset (made to fit younger kids that would have trouble reaching the pedals on a larger drumset) or a full size 5 piece drumset. Simply click on one of the pictures of kids drumsets below to get started. We have several different toy drumsets and kids drum brands to pick from.
kids toy drumsets, starter drumset
toy drumsets, kids drumsets
toy drumset, starter drumset

When shopping for kids toy drumsets, you need a company you can trust. Drum Bum, Inc. is that company. Feel free to call us anytime with toy drum set questions you may have. 1-800-DRUMBUM

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Drum Bum is known for not only drummer gifts like Tshirts, hats, and jewelry, but also for kids drum toys and percussion.
We have inexpensive toy drums, child size drumsets, and beginner percussion toys just for the little drum bums.
Buy from a leader in the drum shopping world. - DRUM BUM is a name you can trust!

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